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Our lives are so much richer 
because we travel!

Traveling improves not only our relationship,
but also our personal and our professional lives.

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Our confidence, our connection to our beloved ones and our awareness of social and cultural aspects are strengthened every time we land in a new place and discover new cultures. Some journeys can have such a profound impact in our lives!

Because of that, we would love to motivate you to travel more and more.

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Traveling together also strengths our long distance relationship ❤ We learn so much about each other and our love and commitment grow stronger!

We hope that this FREE e-book, written by Michelle & Frank, will help you with your LDR! Also, check out their fun “LDR Workbook” on the Book Tips session below the form. ❤️ 

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Book Tips 


1 …  Succeed as a traveling couple: 


We are ballers on a budget, guys!

And this guide has been helping us to save lots of money while booking our tickets, check it out:

“The Ultimate Guide To Travel Hacking Cheap Flights”

Learn how to find cheap flight deals!
So you can have more money to spend with your love in cool adventures 🙂


2 … Succeed in a long distance relationship:


The LDR Workbook. Fun and helpful!

Michelle and Frank, an inspiring LDR couple, created this workbook. It helps LDR couples cope with separation and achieve the motivation to persevere. It has 12 fun, “school-like” workbook assignments. We had a blast doing them and learned so much!

 “Fun Workbook For Long Distance Relationship Couples”

Stay Strong! ❤


No more FEAR! Making your LDR rock-solid

 The relationship expert, Bob Grant, wrote this book to help you to eliminate the anxiety, self-doubt, loneliness, and fear that destroys long distance relationships and to begin a fun new life together

 “Long Distance Love: 
Secrets to surviving the distance apart”

Survive the miles! ❤


Going through the loss-of-feeling stage? Overcome it! 

In Stephen Blake’s book you will find valuable relationship advice and discover the secrets to keeping love hot, avoiding relationship problems,
and escaping the loss-of-feelings stage

“Loving your long distance relationship”

Resist & Love! ❤


3 … Have a long-term happy & healthy relationship:


Do you miss the conversations you used to have?

If you are feeling like your communication is becoming a problem, that you ran out of things to talk about and silence is becoming uncomfortable and awkward, here you can find 1000 questions to reconnect:

“1000 Questions for Couples” 

Re-discover each other! ❤


Building a long-term amazing relationship

Guys, this one is mainly for you, Darko’s favorite 🙂 The guru David Deangelo shows you how to attract and build a beautiful relationship with “The One”. Time to step up your game to hold that amazing powerful woman that makes you a better person!

“Love, The Final Chapter”

Step up your game!


Avoid the “Giving Pit” and turn on the “Campfire Effect”

This one is for the girls! Bob Grant, the relationship guru, explains why men actually tell women exactly the opposite of what they need and drive them crazy. Hint: most men don’t even realize this themselves.

“The Woman Men Adore”


Having a blissful relationship is easier than it seems

Michael Webb, Oprah’s lucky charm, reveals how he ended up with a blissful marriage of 21 years with his wife Athena. What a dream!

“50 Secrets of Blissful Relationships”

Bless the Bliss! ❤


Let the universe know that you deserve everything!

Limiting beliefs are like the plague. They spread to every aspect of your behavior, thinking and personality. They keep you locked in tight, immobile and helpless. Dr. Steve G. Jones explains how to destroy them!

“Ending Limiting Beliefs”

Embrace your inner power! ❤



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